The shape of your ideas

Tailor-made wardrobe trunks, jewellery cases, precious personalised watch winders: each item produced by our carpentry workshop in Milan has the charm of uniqueness.
When he met us for the first time each of these objects was just an idea, a desire of our client. We turned it into a project. We gave it a colour, a fragrance, a shape. We chose the best leathers or fabrics for it. It experienced the skill of our hands. It has known the long tradition that has accompanied us since 1953 and the perfection of the most modern technologies, we took care of it in every detail.
And once it was ready, with a bit of nostalgia, we let it go.
When you meet them, they will not go unnoticed: our trays, our leather jewellery box with drawers, our wardrobe organisers, each one from its place in the world, in luxurious international hotels, in the Milanese jewellers, in the furniture showrooms of Northern Italy, will tell you its story, the story of a passion made in Italy that has been going on for 60 years.

Our products