Special Products

We handcraft unique objects, made to measure, for the wishes or specific needs of our customers. From leather remote control cases, to drawers for silver cutlery, from personalised carriers for dogs and cats, to travel jewellery boxes, and even displays for shoes and accessories with company logos, belt displays, to sterilising boxes that allow you to disinfect glasses, mobile phones and everyday objects in a few minutes and in depth. We recommend and select together with the customer the most suitable materials, both structural materials and those for external coatings up to the finishes.

The strength of craftsmanship is precisely this, personalisation. Often when you buy an object in series you are forced to adapt to the object itself, both in terms of aesthetics, functionality and adaptability to the space available.
Private Trunks takes care of the realisation of its products right from the design stage, so we can respond fully and completely to the needs of the customers who will find the object exactly as they has thought it and as they needs it. This is especially true for companies that make containers and displays made to measure and with their own brand, so they can strengthen their brand identity in this way.

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