Jewellery chest of drawers

Jewellery chests of drawers have the function of storing, protecting and organising jewellery in a shop. They are handcrafted to measure, to adapt to the space available and manufactured with the most varied materials.
For the covering of jewellery drawer units, we use refined leather or fabrics, and we often imprint the company logo, emblem of exclusivity.
They are equipped with numerous drawers for storing couvettes for jewellery, i.e. trays for goldsmiths also customised with the shop’s trademark in line with the company’s corporate image. These jewellery boxes are used to shop jewellery but also as window displays for rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches or to show the collections to customers. For this reason jewellery boxes must be very functional, easy to handle and safe.They have wraparound edges, tidy compartments, often also foldable lids and soft interiors to show off the preciousness of the jewellery. And once it has shown its luxurious contents, the couvette can return to the safe.

produzione vassoi gioiellerie milano