The watch winder

The watch winder is designed to keep automatic watches running when not worn and therefore not independently recharged through the movement of the wrist. If we keep an automatic watch without movement means that, when we use it, we will have to reset the time and date each time, which depending on the model may present some difficulties, take time and wear out some mechanisms. The watch winder solves this problem: it is a box containing rotors, on which the watches are placed, which make small rotations and oscillations thanks to a motor.
The box, usually luxurious and built with resistant and very valuable materials, allows to protect precious watches from shocks or dirt and to avoid in this way any malfunction. The technology is highly refined and allows the rotor to perform its task very discreetly, without emitting noise.
The watch winders can be small in size, to contain only one model, or very large, to accommodate a large number of watches, and are suitable both for private use and for watch and jewellery shops that have to display precious watches to sell to the customer ready to use, and then deliver them, after purchase, in prestigious made-to-measure cases, often personalised with the brand of the shop, small plates or special dedications.
The operation can be done by battery, if they have to be transported, or by power supply. These are of course very particular and luxurious objects, extremely elegant, a true status symbol also suitable as a design object to be displayed in the different rooms of the house.

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