Personalised jewellery cases

Jewellery boxes often have the important task of containing a special gift. And the more they are made with care and precious materials, the more they suggest the value and beauty of what they are about to reveal. So when you want to give jewellery as a gift, a personalised box is a must. Because if made by hand with resistant materials, it will be able to keep a unique memory forever, something that will be worn often or jealously guarded in a safe to be rediscovered on a special occasion or handed down to future generations as an asset, not only economically valuable but also of great sentimental value.
We make boxes for necklaces, cases for watches, personalised packaging for precious objects, custom-made jewelry cases, with a refined, minimalist design or very rich and imaginative according to customer needs.
As in the case of couvettes also here the interiors are soft and protective, structured to keep the jewel well positioned in the box, and the exteriors are very resistant as well as aesthetically appealing.

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