Personalised trunks made in Italy

We design and manufacture in Milan customized trunks, travel and furniture trunks, shock resistant and light to carry. Made to measure wooden trunks, customizable in shapes and materials, covered with leather and fabrics, with interiors in velvet, alcantara, suede. Trunks with wheels, garment trunks, minibar trunks with glass and bottle holders. In short, whatever the destination of use, we are highly specialised in the design and manufacture of the trunk, this fascinating object with a millenary history.

It dates back to ancient Egypt to become a status symbol of the upper middle class in the mid 1800s during the period of great journeys and ocean crossings. Over the centuries it has also changed its use to become a must in fashion and design.The made-to-measure trunk is certainly a way to give character to an environment, immediately giving it a vintage or industrial touch that goes well with the rest of the furniture, without forgetting the important function that the trunk has, especially in the bedroom or living room, as a multipurpose container, coffee table or space saver.

The only thing that has remained unchanged over the centuries is the artisan construction process. It starts with a chest, made up of various layers of wood nailed and glued together.
Mainly the materials used are poplar or birch wood, of different thicknesses and ribs, to give solidity and at the same time lightness.

Externally we find both decorative and functional elements, such as corners, brass closures, laths, handles and wheels, as well as studs strictly hand beaten one by one.
The interiors can be customised according to the customer’s needs: they range from simple drawers, clothes hangers, to the use of new technologies such as complex mechanisms to maintain the winding of fine automatic watches.

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