Trays and drawer bottoms

Drawer bottoms, especially those with inserts, are ideal for storing glasses, watches, jewellery, wallets and all small objects that are part of everyday life and are often left messy and hard to find when you need them most or you are in a hurry.
As the practice of decluttering teaches, making physical order in one’s life often leads to psychological benefits: external order is the first step to tidy one’s mind as well.Trays empty pockets and drawer bottoms divided into compartments are great allies in this practice.
The trays can be stored in the drawers and moved as needed to always have everything we need at hand and find it immediately.
The leatherette drawer bottoms, the custom-made trays for wardrobes, in fabric, leather, with precious inserts such as deer antlers, are absolutely a must in high quality furniture and cannot be missing in every room where you want to live in harmony and style.

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